About This

CJscribe.com is a compendium of film, music, art, humor, pop culture, technology and business articles by entertainment journalist Christine James.

Looking for a tersely disappointed review of the latest film in which a toilet explodes in Ben Stiller’s face? A surreal conversation with Dustin Hoffman that commences with the esteemed thespian inquiring as to whether the reporter in question is “comfy-wumfy”? A zen interview with Tom Cruise guaranteed to give the reader a free pass to skip his or her next reincarnation and ascend to a higher plane of existence? Academy Award coverage that refrains from asking who anyone is wearing and instead follows Best Actor winner Sean Penn all the way through his bleak pressroom tangent about dying in eternal darkness? A valiant attempt to glimpse behind the tantalizingly oblique facade of “H.R. Pufnstuf’s” creators? A ridiculously civilized chat with Z-movie icon John Waters? An exposé on the deeply revolting toys that will be lining F.A.O. Schwarz’s shelves this Christmas? Two words: “Dirdy Birdy”? It’s all here.

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